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International Archaeology Day

Roxborough State Park, Douglas County, Colorado

International Archaeology Day happens in mid-October each year and is accompanied by a variety of archaeology-focused events in multiple locations around the world. One of the largest such events in Colorado is the annual International Archaeology Day Expo at Roxborough Intermediate School and Roxborough State Park in Douglas County. The one-day event, organized by the State Park and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) in partnership with over 12 other state and local agencies, attracts hundreds of attendees for activities, tours, site visits, and lectures.

The Expo is free to attend (although admission is charged to enter the State Park) and attendance has grown from an estimated 200 people in 2012 to almost 850 in 2019. In addition to the organizing efforts by the State Park and CPW, planning and holding the Expo is reliant on passionate volunteers – in 2019 over 100 volunteers dedicated over 650 hours to hosting the Expo.

Photos generously provided by Roxborough State Park


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